Listing Guidelines

Organisations which become members of the Oxfordshire Business Directory need to conform to these guidelines. We reserve the right to edit or remove any listings which do not conform. These guidelines should be read together with the site terms & conditions.

(a) You may create and maintain a reasonable number of listings for your businesses. Each listing can be in up to 3 categories. Some examples follow:

Example 1: You run a chain of technology shops, all based in Oxford. You can create one listing per shop, or you can create one listing to cover all the shops and choose categories which best describe them.

(b) You should write your listings in a factual and not in a blatently self-promotional style

(c) You should not write your listings in such a way as to attempt to manipulate the search results

(d) You should make every reasonable attempt to ensure that your listings are factually correct and up-to-date

(e) Your listings should not contain or link to pornography or adults-only sites, gratuitous or graphic violence, material that promotes or disseminates illegal activities or any racist, defamatory or otherwise offensive material

Last updated 10 October 2011.

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